Gimono is a company from Dunedin creating martial arts uniforms out of a material they call Fortitude. I had been shown their website a little while ago and they looked interesting. I recently ripped my Judogi at training so was on the lookout for a new Gi when I saw Gimono had a special on I jumped on it.


Gimono dont specify single or double weave on their site. Its alot thinner than my old single weave Gi though. It seems to holding up pretty well so far, have done a bit of randori and it has held up excellently.


As above the Gi is very thin so has excellent flexibility. I haven’t felt constricted at all while rolling in it. The fit is pretty loose as all Judogi are. Its main advantage over other Judogi is how breathable it is. Its almost see through in places. This allows you to keep cool while doing an intense workout. I have definelty experienced this and it is amazing how much cooler it is compared to my old Gi.

Material/Production Quality

The Fortitude material has a slightly odd feel to it, very slippery. It also stands out compared to a ‘normal’ Judogi. So far it has kept its insane whiteness, we shall see how long that lasts! The stitching seems to be very good, no complaints there either. The only complaint about the material is the collar is a little thin so Gi chokes feel a little deeper than normal.


Gimono has excellent customer service. I was initially sent an incorrect size in the pants, I was immediatly sent a replacement and a prepaid courier bag to send the other pair back. Delivery time was excellent and the pricing on special while not the cheapest Judogi is not a bad price compared to other high end Gi. It also comes with a pretty sweet carry bag for with room for a Gi and a front pocket for other bits.

Closing comments

So far an excellent Judogi. Its a high quality Gi that is made in New Zealand! An added bonus, is the excellent customer service.